A pop singer from Egypt, Shyma has been arrested on suspicion of 'inciting debauchery after releasing her latest music video "3andy Zoroof", which shows her performing in her underwear while 'suggestively' eating a banana. The Syndicate of Musical Professions also banned her from performing ever again. Shyma posted an apology on her Facebook account, claiming that she “had no idea” that were sexual references on in the video and that the production and direction team were to blame.

The áo dài is a Vietnamese traditional clothing, it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over trousers. The extreme weather in Vietnam makes citizens uncomfortable when wearing the áo dài that why most of the students just wearing thin áo dài similar with summer Japanese kimono, yukata.

A video shows a woman in the train touching and rubbing male passenger manhood, has raised a question to Japanese Netizen whether the man was her husband, her boyfriend, her son or she is a molester? Even the couples don't look regret the act they are doing in front of the passenger, it gives unpleasant feelings to others passenger.

In China, a young woman wants to make an eyebrow tattoo, but the result, her tattoo looks like a comb! It is far from tattoo artist published on the net saying that she is an expert and can make a perfect eyebrow tattoo. LOL!

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Via Facebook from Thai users and found this! A very interesting photo when a young man falls in love with a young man too? Even his partner looks strange, but this man treats his partner really well.

This is how Japanese celebrates Halloween at Shibuya Tokyo Japan. Many people, including tourists gather there and the fun starts there. However, after Halloween finishes most girls go to "love hotels" with their new partner or boyfriend. This is a good day for love hotel to increase sales and this day all rooms are fully booked.

If you're a Doraemon fan, and wonder how Nobita's house looks like in the real world. Luckily, a 3d studio called 267C Production from Hong Kong has created Nobita's house in 3D. Even though the video was almost 2 years old, but it's still worth it to watch.

A group of Japanese adult movie stars took to the stage in Lefkada theatre in Shinjuku, central Tokyo, on Saturday, to treat their fans by farting in front of them and they were happy and applauded when listen their idol farts! 

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There's no doubt that when women grow up, they change a lot, especially when they makeover themselves by changing their hairstyle that suits them, exercising to lose weight / weight gain and others. From skinny to sexy bodies and black skin to fair skin, all possible when they knew how to do it. By just looking at the pictures of you know that the puberty hit hard on them.

The Mid-Autumn Festival(Moon Festival) is a harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with a full moon at night. Mooncakes have also appeared in Asia and western countries as an exotic sweet.

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At Tokyo game show 2017, one booth VR game organizer, The Gal Gun 2 (ぎゃる★がん2) had a creative promo to attract the visitors especially Otaku to visit their booth. They provided the visitors to see the real girls underwear (Panchira) by giving handheld blowers to them. The visitors are allowed to blow the girls skirts for 20 seconds and they are assuring them that the game graphic are also looks real like that. The visitors are also can smell the girls socks by asking the girl step on their face too. The attraction so popular and just one day after the booth was opened, the Gal Gun 2 booths were forced to stop business. Damn.!