Thai Blogger Was Arrested For Vaping In Thailand

If you want to holidays in Thailand, you must know that bringing or having Vaporisers (like e-cigarettes) or refills into that country are prohibited. The sale or supply of e-cigarettes and similar devices is also banned and you could face a heavy fine or up to ten years imprisonment if found guilty.

Pantsu Cafe For Pantsu Lover Exist In Japan

The “Pantsu Cafe” is based upon a doujinshi series created by 40Hara has collaborated with Cafe Asan, featuring illustrations of women exposing their Pantsu (underwear) hanging on the walls while the customer eating delicious Pantsu meals. The promo starts from December, 10 till 20th. You are also can buy a souvenir from that cafe too. I wonder, are they are also selling used women Pantsu ? LOL.

Pokemon Rap Battle

A rap battle between the Pokemon Pikachu and Pikachu imitator Mimikyu has arrived, the rap battle is to promote the released Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Bikini Restaurant Was Forced Down To Close By Netizen

Barbecue restaurant named「唛嘻哒」in Shanghai has hired a staffs wearing a bikini to attract customer to visit the restaurant. In the advertisement, the restaurant allowed the customer to take a photo with their staff in bikini. This promotional tactic has attracted many customers. Despite the recent cold weather, the staff still wearing a bikini to serve customers. The bikinis staff are reluctant to disclose their "social status" and when asked if their salaries are extremely high, they only respond with "not too much".

Taiwan Claw Crane Arcade Grand Opening Quite Impressive

This Taiwan claw crane shop in Tainan has a crazy and sexy grand opening, by inviting sexy girls in bikinis to sit inside a claw crane machine to accompany customers to play the machine. By inserting NT$10, you can enjoy the games and can claws the girls too. LOL.

Thai Sports Day

The video shows a happy Thai sports day when the participant must blow up the balloon with their bodies and the results quite funny.

Free Oppai For World Peace

At Shibuya station, a young Japanese woman held up a sign " Free Oppai" to passersby to fondle her breast. This unusual campaign created by this woman “The world will be at peace. Breasts will save the world”, has attracted many people including women and tourist too. More than 60 people have fondle her breast. For your info, Oppai means woman breast. 

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another Asia Smack Picdump for you today.

Egypt Pop Singer Arrested By Police For Sexy Music Video

A pop singer from Egypt, Shyma has been arrested on suspicion of 'inciting debauchery after releasing her latest music video "3andy Zoroof", which shows her performing in her underwear while 'suggestively' eating a banana. The Syndicate of Musical Professions also banned her from performing ever again. Shyma posted an apology on her Facebook account, claiming that she “had no idea” that were sexual references on in the video and that the production and direction team were to blame.

Sexy Vietnamese Traditional Clothing áo dài

The áo dài is a Vietnamese traditional clothing, it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over trousers. The extreme weather in Vietnam makes citizens uncomfortable when wearing the áo dài that why most of the students just wearing thin áo dài similar with summer Japanese kimono, yukata.

Japanese Guy Is Being Molested By Female Passenger?

A video shows a woman in the train touching and rubbing male passenger manhood, has raised a question to Japanese Netizen whether the man was her husband, her boyfriend, her son or she is a molester? Even the couples don't look regret the act they are doing in front of the passenger, it gives unpleasant feelings to others passenger.

Chinese Eyebrow Tattoo And Fail

In China, a young woman wants to make an eyebrow tattoo, but the result, her tattoo looks like a comb! It is far from tattoo artist published on the net saying that she is an expert and can make a perfect eyebrow tattoo. LOL!

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another Asia Smack picdump for you today.

Match Made In Heaven?

Via Facebook from Thai users and found this! A very interesting photo when a young man falls in love with a young man too? Even his partner looks strange, but this man treats his partner really well.